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Only three ingredients in this classic cracker: plantain, oil and sea salt. Why to mess with simplicity? Celebrate the best plantains in the world with a glorious crunchy cracker unadorned but for a pinch of sea salt. We challenge you to stop at one!

Ingredients & nutritional information

Plantains from the Colombian coffee region (Dominico Harton), palm olein, and sea salt.


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Meet one of our plantain farmers

Jose Mina is a passionate farmer whose pride for his plantains is as big as his love of the land. He owns a 1.3 hectares farm in Quimbaya, in the Central Andes of Colombia. He produces around 390 kg green plantains weekly. "I have strict controls to make sure my plantains are planted, grown and harvested with the utmost attention to detail and quality", says Jose. “I hope you enjoy our chips and please recommend them to your friends”.


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