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SelloPacifico Snacks S.A.S. is a family-operated company that produces natural snacks for premium retailers and specialty food manufacturers. We are private label specialists focused on high-quality, desirable, and innovative plantain chips that delight our consumers and impact the bottom line of our retailers and manufacturers.

We are making profits happen by offering unique plantain chips, providing total supply assurance.

· Validated formulations made with plantains from the Colombian coffee region (considered to be the world's very finest).

· The highest quality and non-GMO ingredients that are free of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

· Your brand, packed in a protective atmosphere and ready for retail.

By delivering plantain chips that have had an outstanding performance in a top US grocery retailer for several years and the possibility to further adapt them to match your respective market, we reduce your product development project risk, allowing you to impact your bottom line.

Guaranteed project success

Product development: Besides quality and innovation, superior ingredients, knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art facility; at Pacifico Snacks you'll get dedication to the success of your project and commitment to deliver plantain chips that match your respective market.

Food safety and quality standards: Our production team is devoted to ensure that your products are both safe and consistent and meet our quality standards.

Social and environmental consciousness: We care for the well-being of our plantain growers, workers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and consumers; and have a real commitment to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment..

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